About our 2018 Vendors

At Polytank we make tanks for many different uses and a variety of needs. All our Polytank containers are made of a heavy-duty, chemical-resistant, polyethylene plastic which has a very smooth and slippery surface. Our flatbottom, cylindrical tanks are round with straight side walls. They are completely self-supporting. We have many sizes to choose from, to fit every project or particular need you may have.

Artist: Sylvia Benson


I am a university watercolor professor from Mahtomedi MN, who fell in love with encaustic.  It is my goal to share this remarkable, ancient Greek art form with those who appreciate the “old” becoming contemporary.

I believe art represents society’s aspiration for the highest interaction a culture can attain. Art is originating from the love of creating and the essence of the higher self. Encaustic art represents my way of enjoying and making the world a more beautiful place in which to live.

  • The Koi Store is a multifaceted operation whose main goal is the selection and importation of the highest quality nishikigoi from Japan. We travel to Japan several times a year in order to obtain the best koi.
  • We have a state of the art retail greenhouse, mud ponds, and a quarantine greenhouse. 
  • The Koi Store also has a fully functional laboratory and an in house microbologist that assesess the overall health of the fish and treats any problems. The Koi Store offers laboratory services to koi keepers and breeders. 
  • We have built high-end koi ponds in almost every state in the nation. We also offer consultant services and premium filtration units.



Nijikawa Koi Food is the most advanced premium koi food sought after by hobbyists and breeders alike for its ability to correct skin quality, deepen coloration and improve overall koi health while quickly adding muscle and body conformation of koi in all age brackets

Bickal Koi Farm works relentlessly to understand the needs of our market and customers. We strive to ensure that our customers are proud of their association with Bickal Koi Farm based on our reputation for integrity, hard work and excellence. We will strive to consistently exceed our customer's expectations through our hands-on approach, to make certain that they are a lifelong customer.