Upper Midwest Koi Club meetings are generally held March through September on the second Saturday of the month. This year we are trying some new activities that may be of interest to koi club members. If you have suggestions for activities or have specific topics you would like to see discussed at a meeting, please contact UMKC Vice President, Mary-Susan Heise

Members will find that at every meeting there are lively discussions about maintaining water quality, filtration, equipment and taking care of your koi. You will hear a number of opinions expressed and realize that everyone is doing something a little different. Whether you are an advanced or novice koi keeper, please come to our meetings to share and learn from each other. There are many ways to meet the maxim - ALL KOI NEED GOOD WATER QUALITY TO THRIVE.

                            2018 Events

March 9-11
Central Florida Koi Show   

March 17 Meeting

Southdale Library 1:00pm - 3:00pm Video Conference

7001 York Ave S


April 14 Meeting

Oxboro Library 10:00am - 12:30pm Video Conference

Jason Guevera (AKJA, ZNA and AKCA certified Judge) will be giving a talk on Koi patterns.

8801 Portland Ave S


April 25-27
ZNA Carolina Koi Show

May Meeting

Calling All Minnow Traps!

In January when your board met, we discussed a joint activity with the Normandale Japanese Garden.  The folks at the garden took us up on our offer of help and have asked us to work with them to catch the non-koi fish that have invaded their pond. Several years ago flooding from the nearby wetland flushed native fish into the garden’s koi pond and they have been madly multiplying.

On May 19th, the club will be meeting at the Normandale Japanese Garden at 10 am. The Garden is located at 9700 France Ave S in Bloomington. The meeting will be a crazy combination of non-koi fishing and also a pot luck lunch. We desperately need everyone to bring any minnow traps that they might have to the meeting. (If you wish to purchase one, Fleet Farm sells them for about $8.00 a piece.)  We are also looking for any ideas on how to catch these pesky fish.

Bring those minnow traps! Bring snacks! See you on the 19th!!

May 17 & 24

White Bear Center for the Arts

10:00am - 12:30pm

Watercolor Koi and Water Lilies

Sylvia Benson
This class will add to the art experience by teaching how to control the paint, making the koi’s colors appear very natural. There are many different colors of koi and students will use beautiful photographs to choose the shapes and colors. Composition is emphasized so that the objects are placed and sized to make an interesting painting. Participants will use movement and rhythm to help lead the viewer’s eye through the painting. Techniques will include texturing the lily pads, masking to save whites, and making bubbles. Everything will be demonstrated step-by-step and students will be amazed by what they’ve created.

May 25-27

Greater Louisville Koi & Goldfish Show

Live KOI FISH Auction Announcement

The Upper Midwest Koi Club will be auctioning off over 50 live Japanese
Standard Fin and Butterfly/Long Fin Koi on Sunday June 3rd.

Various sizes and colors with fish from 6 to 26 inches long at NO RESERVE!

This is your chance to add some wonderful koi for your pond.

This auction will happen at Bachman's Lyndale Store in the North parking lot.

Preview the fish at 10:00 AM.
Bidding starts are 11:00 AM.

June Meeting
June 9th, 10 AM
Have you ever considered showing your koi at our August show? Confused on how to do it or how to get your fish ready for the show? Well then, our June meeting is perfect for you! 
We will be meeting at the home of Dr. Dick Hadley at 15297 Edgewater Circle, Prior Lake 55372. We will be having a panel discussion on how to get your koi ready for the show, how to net and transport your fish, what happens once you get to the show site, and how are the fish judged. Come with your questions and enjoy an idyllic afternoon in the sun and admire all Dr. Dick’s wonderful fish. See you then!

July 14 Meeting

Ben Brown’s home 10:00am
Filter & New Pond Construction.

August 3-5

Uppermidwest Koi Club 11th Annual Show

at Bachman’s on Lyndale

Sept Meeting - Date & Time TBD

Pot luck at the home of Joe & Lynn Retterath’s home


17th Annual Northern Midwest ZNA Koi Show
Timberwinds Nursery
54 Clarkson Road
Sept. 14th, 15th & 16th. Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. & Sunday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Ellisville, MO 63011 .

Oct Meeting - TBD